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Shikeith "Feeling the Spirit in the Dark"

Shikeith is a Pittsburgh-based, conceptual artist working in installation, sculpture, photography, and film. In Feeling The Spirit In The Dark, Shikeith brings together four surreal, uncanny installations that explore the psychological impact of light, darkness, touch, and space on the Black body and soul. Tracing the history of Black people through sound, especially the Blues, Jazz, Gospel, and R&B, and movement in the wake and weight of the ship, Shikeith tells the narrative of the afterlife of slavery and what haunts Black queer, male-embodied people in society.

In the first two installations, Shikeith foregrounds how Black queer men move from place to space outside of the church to retain a kind of ecstatic experience away from the constraints of Christianity and whiteness. Emerging from this exhibition is a new language around Black maleness that is malleable, tenable, and affirming.

Shikeith's exhibition was a part of Factory 2020 and is now archived. To view more by Shikeith please visit www.shikeith.com


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