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Jennifer Angus "The Museum of All Things"

Jennifer Angus' "The Museum of All Things" focuses on insects because Angus understands that they are everything to us; without them, humankind could not survive past six weeks on Earth. They are vital connectors in the food chain for all life forms; pollinating our crops and enabling necessary decomposition for environmental continuity. Yet, because of our short-sighted ravages, their rapid population decline is a serious global problem. Entire ecosystems are being destroyed as insects are threatened by pesticides, loss of habitat and climate change. In her work, Angus brings attention to our urgent need to safeguard these essential creatures. The installation highlights their intricate beauty and encourages empathy with them while critiquing our follies with parables that remind us of the fragile mortality we share with the living world.


Jennifer Angus' exhibition was a part of Factory 2020 and is now archived. To view more by Jennifer Angus please visit www.jenniferangus.com


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