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Untitled - Bill Woodrow


Product Description

Untitled - Bill Woodrow, 1986
suite of two lithographs. Paper: Rives BFK Heavy Weight 280 gm. Ink: Daniel Smith Velvet Black, 75%. Daniel Smith Classic Litho Black, 25%.
19” x 20”
Edition: 100

Bill Woodrow’s Limited Editions relate to his permanent installation, Ship of Fools: Discovery of Time.The artist left the turn-of-the-century kitchen in its worn state with peeling paint, neglected wood and antiquated fixtures. He added forms, cut from old metal cabinets.You open the door into a room to see a disaster, frozen in time. The floor has been raised to show the effects of a mounting flood.From a tap, made of an overturned gas mantle heater, liquid gold has flowed, filling the kitchen, and has petrified. A metronome fashioned from part of a cabinet to which it still clings stands as a symbol of time. Emerging from the pantry is the front half of a large water buffalo with a ship's model caught in its horns.A remnant from the cabinet out of which the horns were cut sticks up through the gleaming surface like the fin of a shark. Over all of this, an unshaded bulb casts harsh light.



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