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Untitled, 1988 - Rolf Julius


Product Description

Untitled- Rolf Julius, 1988
Suite of three lithographs. Paper: Rives BFK Standard. Ink: Daniel Smith, 50%. Domestic Velvet Black, 50%. Classic Black #100.
13 ¼” x 10”
Edition: 40

These lithographs relate to Rolf Julius’s 1988 performance and installation, Sound Cooking and Empty Music.Empty Musicconsisted of tiny speakers, covered with panes of glass, perched like insects on the walls and dotting the floor. Near a window, the sky was reflected in the glass covering the small speakers. Now and then, there was a pause in the chirping, tinkling, and pulsing sounds. Just enough to heighten your sense of hearing so that you felt the music as a palpable presence in the room.
Sound Cooking was located in the hallways of 1414 Monterey Street, with gurgles rising from flower pots fitted with speakers which were covered with ash. Up a flight of stairs, a deep drone rose intermittently from more flower pots.



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