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Mary Mazziotti Memento Mori Flip Book


Product Description

This flip book by Pittsburgh artist Mary Mazziotti explores the one inevitable - death. A Memento Mori in pocket form.

From Mazziotti's website:

"The genre ofmemento mori— literally “remember you will die”
—is an old one, dating back at least to the Romans, and reached its apotheosis with the sentimental melancholy of the Victorians. It’s a notion that’s still worth pondering. Who knows the days remaining to us? Terrorists are after our blood. A texting driver veers into our lane. Noxious chemicals invade the food chain. Who doesn’t know someone with cancer?
Life is fragile, Death is inevitable — and distressingly unpredictable."

Mary Mazzioti's Memento Mori,Baby! was exhibition in the Mattress Factory's 2010 Gestures #14 exhibition.
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