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Blue Node - Deborah Aschheim


Product Description

Blue Node - Deborah Aschheim, 2006
Plastic, acrylic gel medium, acrylic paint, LED light.
Approximately 5" x 6" x 5" overall
Edition: 5

Deborah Aschheim’s editions are based on the nodes she created forOn Memory, 2006, an artwork exhibited at the Mattress Factory in 2006-07. InOn Memory, Aschheim utilized plastic and LED light to connect video and photographs depicting moments in her life.

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Deborah Aschheim at the Mattress Factory on August 22, 2006:
"In my family there is a strong history of Alzheimer's and it seemed like the thing that I wanted to do next, was also the scariest thing for me- to do more autobiographical work - something where I would be dealing with the networks of memory, but also incorporating my own specific memories, autobiographical memories and how memories come up almost involuntarily. I am really interested in things that are both literal and metaphorical. When I think about the neural networks of memory, of memory, they're kind of like models that can be described as webs, as nests or branches - all metaphors. But, there is also a physical network in your head of synapses that are created when you encode, store, and retrieve memories. Hopefully when you come into this piece, you're aware of the story I am telling you. I deliberately tried to choose stories from my life that are ubiquitous, stories that can relate to other people's stories."



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